Die Cut

Our is the custom die-cutting of gaskets and seals. No matter how tight the tolerances or unique the specialty materials, we are confident we can provide you a quality product.

Diamond Cut

The diamond cutting process generates crisp detail and a highly polished look for your badge or nameplate. The diamond cut technique can be used as an accent to a color or logo on a nameplate, or simply stand on its own to create impact for your brand.


Domed Labels make your brand look better and last longer than any other form of identification.


Screen printing is the process of transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink and a squeegee. We are able to print onto metal, plastic material.


Our machine has its beginning in special washers and flat stampings. As our customers’ needs increased, we responded by providing a wider array of products using high-speed presses for the higher volume requirements. We even have a 60-ton press capable of stamping parts up to 3.5mm thick.

Name Plate Machine & Equipment

Silk Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Hydraulic Press (Forging), Diamond Cut Hot stamping, CNC Laser Auto Die-cutting, Membrane Switch Button Heat Shaping, Tempo Printing , Epoxy Dispensing, Heat Press Machine